//Common Framework Guide: React vs Angular vs View

Popularity and Market Trends

According to the 2017 Stackoverflow survey, Angular is loved by 51.7% of developers and React is embraced by 66.9% of surveyed developers. React and Angular have almost the same level of users in the category of popular front-end frameworks. Vue hasn’t occupied a place in any of the above lists but has an ability to participate in this battle because it is still a newer framework and is growing rapidly.

This GitHub stars history for Angular, React, and Vue is showing the popularity of Vue.js among developers. Currently, Vue has 108,086 stars, React gained 106, 807 stars, and Angular received 38,654 stars.

You can think of React as produced by Facebook, Angular by google and Vue by former Google employee Evan You, who worked on Angular when he was a Google employee. It is a success because of its ability to build attractive UIs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Vue is used by Alibaba, GitLab, Baidu.

About Support:

React is more flexible than Angular because Angular is a full framework and React is a set of independent, faster, and evolving libraries, and, for that, you have to keep an eye on every little module that is no longer supported or maintained.

If we consider Vue.js in this way, there’s a migration helper tool which makes migration easier. But in the large app, it might cause a problem as there is no proper roadmap which focuses on versioning and their plans.