Creating a Custom Post Type:

A custom post is a self-created post that displays whatever information you desire to display.

  1. Nav to wp-admin dashboard
  2. Find TOOLSET on left-hand menu
  3. Select Post types
  4. Select Add New
  5. Fill out all appropriate fields
  6. Click Save Post Type

Creating A Custom Field Group:

This is the information that will be standardized on each post.

  1. dashboard
  2. select post field
  3. select add New
  4. Add title
  5. click Save
  6. Add in whatever fields you desire to display uniformly throughout your posts.
  7. Add in titles for each info section.
  8. click the slug box; it will autofill.
  9. click save field group

Creating a View:

A view allows you to have a particular setup that will be repeated throughout your post page.

  1. dash
  2. click TOOLSET
  3. click Views
  4. click add New
  5. select display all results
  6. select the post type you want to display in your view
  7. Use toolset wizard in the proceeding fields
  8. save/update all code

Initializing a View:

  1. Nav to dashboard
  2. Nav to Appearance, Menus
  3. Select your view from the left hand check box Menu
  4. Drag and drop new menu item to wherever you want it in the order 5.Click “save Menu”