Basic Commands: These terms typed into the command line, perform functions!

bash: Allows you to use linux commands This command MUST be used FIRST on windows, in order for any other commands to work!

ls: Lists the contents of the directory you are in. This computer starts the user off in the USER folder

ls -a: Lists all of the files in the directory you are in, including hidden files, which could mess up the system if tampered with improperly. “-“ means that it is an option attached to the command. “a” refers to “all”.

cd DIR_NAME: Change directory. This is a heavily used command, just input cd and then the directory name you wish to navigate to, WITHIN THE CURRENT DIRECTORY. This is how we change directories and move around the file system. NOTE: the c-prompt is CASE SENSITIVE

cd ../: This command is used to go up a directory quickly. Make sure to use a space between cd and ../.

tab: autocompletes a directory name.

Jekyll ——-

Route to get to Jekyll server address: -bash -cd Docu TAB -jeky TAB -jeky TAB -jekyll serve -copy and paste the unique server address into a browser to get to the manipulation page

To close down a currently running process (like a server) ———————————————————

hold ctrl and tap “c” until the proper message appears