Dan Kamzik 5/30/2018

This week I attended a Meetup networking event for Digital Designers. Events with a broad topic title have a tendency to draw attendees of a wide variety of disciplines and this event was no exception. I was able to meet a rough estimate of twenty people that night, almost all of whom were not Web Developers themselves, but rather came from backgrounds of photography, cinematography, clothing design and even creatively-oriented business positions. The meetup was hosted at The Ainsworth in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

The Ainsworth being a swanky sports bar-not alltogether overly conducive for networking, but rather small business meetings-was intimate and dim, the ambiance a peculiar welding of Cheers meets Madmen. Conversation was good; the liquid libation available at the surrounding bar helped facilitate discussion and break down the stranger-barrier. I was able to have intelligent conversation with plenty of the attendees, who were all kind and welcoming. The event was host to many different walks of life, including a few foreign students from Munich, a traveling photographer, and a business woman from Shanghai.

I mingled for around two full hours and was never bored. I was able to discuss business strategies with people, hiring methods, as well as their goals and aspirations for the future. I exchanged cards with people and feel that the experience alone was worth the trip.

See you soon!